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Sometimes you’ve gotta talk about it… toilet habits. It may not be the most comfortable of topics to discuss but staying regular is extremely important to our health. Constipation is common, way too common. And when our bowels aren’t regular it can lead to health issues. It’s not just something that’s uncomfortable, but over time can increase the toxicity of our bodies and lead to declining health.

How to Stay Regular and Avoid Constipation  Just Enjoy Food

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How to Make Money with an Essential Oils Business  Just Enjoy Food

I have been using essential oils for about 2 years now. I love my oils and have been an integral part of my healthy lifestyle. What I set out to do on my blog initially was to share my healthy recipes. Then it turned into sharing recipes and resources, health tips to live a healthy lifestyle. And over the last couple of months I wanted to give you more resources to allow you to live your best life possible. And with those resources one of them is Essential Oils. I will forever use essential oils and I want you to use them, love them and reap the benefits of essential oils just like our family has. I use them for cleaning, for building health, for perfume, for healing, and for cooking. One thing I didn’t think I would be doing was starting up an Essential Oil business. But I’m so glad I did!

I decided to pursue the business side of essential oils is because I fell in love with using them. I had been signed up as a distributor with Young Living for almost 2 years and getting the 24% off of my oils, but it wasn’t until my friend Kate from Real Food RN approached me about the business side of essential oils. She had started her business about 6 months earlier and was loving it. Not only was she able to make some money, she was loving sharing the knowledge of essential oils. When you find a product you love and want to use over and over again, you don’t have to sell. It’s just sharing knowledge about something that I am already passionate about!

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Parents or Parents-to-be… this book is for YOU!

I am so excited that I got my hands on this ebook and review it for you. It’s an amazing resource and truly a guide for children’s health and raising your children in a natural way. I get a lot of questions on how to raise kids naturally in this medically saturated world. How to go against the grain, but in a well researched and educated manor.

I have read a lot of articles on raising kids naturally and Kate’s book is the most researched (and sited) resource I have seen in a long time. Making health decisions for your kids are not easy decisions and something that should be taken lightly. I appreciate Kate for taking so much time to research the topics. That way parents can feel good about taking her advice and applying her tools. It’s truth, and are resources that I stand behind!

*One thing I personally don’t agree with is grains/ sugars in children. I believe that children should avoid grains for the first 2 years of life (along with the majority of sweeteners) and then when/ if any grains are introduced they are ancient grains and not gluten-containing grains. That was the only piece I wanted to clarify. *


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Change your Health, Change Your Life  Just Enjoy Food

Something that breaks my heart and fires up my passion is when people are sick and suffering. When waking up each day isn’t a gift as much as it’s a burden that goes on and on. I fought for my own health for 10 years and had many days… well, years… where I would wake up tired, foggy, bloated and just plain out of it. It was a battle just to get out of bed which made me feel exhausted just looking ahead at the day ahead of me. And if it was a Monday morning, was overwhelmed at the week that was ahead of me. I worked very hard to get my health back. I changed my diet, I cleansed, I detox, I reduced toxic burdens in my body and things I could be exposed to in my environment. I rebuilt my gut, my thyroid, my nutrients. I worked hard! I went completely without grains for 22 months, not because it was the cool thing to do (I do think it is pretty cool though) or because I was so “perfect”. I knew that avoiding many many foods for such a long period of time, despite the frustration at times of others, was what my body needed. I was healing, not on a diet, not on some crazy kick, but trying to keep living and working towards thriving in my body. The money spent, the food bought and the supplements taken were all worth it!! I can’t even tell you the amount of money that has been spent on my health. I think I could probably buy a brand new car. I wouldn’t trade my health for a brand new car!! Restoring my health by natural means was never about the perfect body, the most sculpted abs (I’ve never had those), bragging rights on eating the best diet, trying to be oh-so-perfect. It was ALL about getting my life back! The hard decisions and years of healing were done with a big goal in mind: Healing! 

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Clean and Simple ebook. 7 Inexpensive ingredients, 12 Green cleaning recipes that work


Have you made the switch to cleaning your house with all natural products? Or have you wanted to and don’t know where to start? The ebook Clean and Simple has you covered!

I love cleaning with my all natural homemade cleaning products! First off, I know that I am not only cleaning my house, but I’m not adding to the toxic burden of our bodies by using harsh and toxic chemicals. Secondly, my homemade cleaners are so cheap to make. It seriously saves me so much money! I can make my own products for a fraction of the cost (like pennies) in comparison to what you can buy in the store. There are a lot of amazing natural cleaning products that you can buy at your local health food store! But if you are wanting to save money and cost is the reason you haven’t made the switch to natural products, this ebook will help you make that leap simply and for little cost. And seriously, who doesn’t want to save some money?

This is your go-to book to start your natural cleaning journey. And if you’re already cleaning with natural products this will add more recipes your natural cleaning recipes. All of the green cleaning recipes are made with only 7 ingredients. Can you say simple? I can’t wait to make the hardwood floor cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and the citrus foaming hand soap. Most of them us essential oils, which I love too. More reasons to



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Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? And who doesn’t instantly go back to childhood with a chocolate chip cookie? I know I do!

This is a grown-up version of a chocolate chip cookie. It has shredded coconut in it, but I still think that kids would love the cookies. Even if you don’t love coconut, you are going to still like these cookies. The coconut flavor isn’t very pronounced but adds a great texture to the cookies.

The cookies are grain-free and free of refined sugars. Feel free to substitute coconut oil for the butter and dairy free chocolate chips for a dairy-free, Paleo option!

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Good Morning lovely readers.

I am happy to say that I’m Back!! I am back to blogging after a very long and stressful summer with an unhealthy rental home. Read More Here. Last weekend we moved into our new home, which is healthy (the most important thing), spacious and will be perfect for years to come! We still have some unpacking to do along with quite a bit or organizing. I still can’t see my dining room table or my desk. It will all get done, I keep reminding myself that. And in the meantime I decided to open up my laptop and start blogging again.

I can’t wait to dig into blogging again and providing you new recipes, posts on healthy living and also essential oils. Ideas have been circulating in my mind for the last few months and I can’t wait to bring some of them to reality. I want this blog to be a resource for you for all things healthy. The research, the recipes, the time and energy put into this blog is for YOU! And for the bigger mission of educating the masses that our bodies were created to heal and using natural healing methods and minimizing toxicity in our lives is the best way to heal and increase the expression of healing in our bodies. With that mission I am going to bring you some new information and new resources I know you will love.

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Today my guest post is from Angela of Paleo Kitchen Lab. She has some truly amazing and unique recipes on her blog. One of my favorite recipes of her is this pepper salsa. And I can’t wait to share it with you!!


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